About this website

Christmas 2009

Kirkcudbright Community Website is a website for and by the people living in and around Kirkcudbright. In it we will give lots of local information, news, events, and many other things as they become known to us.

Local doesn't just mean Kirkcudbright. We will be looking for information from surrounding villages and communities too. Borgue, Twynholm, Ringford, Tongland and Dundrennan are all included.

The website is designed by Jim Bell, ex-chair of Kirkcudbright Summer Festivities and a web designer in Dumfries.

The main administrators of the website are Jim Allan, Mike Stocksley, Susan Williams, and Ivy Stanley. Jim Allan is in charge of the Events and Public Notices sections of the site. Mike Stocksley has lived in Kirkcudbright for a short time and is very keen to get to know everyone in the town. He is in charge of the Businesses section of the site. Susan Williams is a freelance graphic designer and is the liason contact for Local Groups and Organisations.  Ivy Stanley is editor of the Tarff & Twynholm Tattler and is our 'Northern Correspondent' for the communities of Twynholm, Tongland and Ringford. 

Website administrators are keen to involve as many members of the community as possible in the running of the website. If you have a business, run a local group, put on events mainly for local people (one-off's upwards), then please get in touch. Anything you submit to the local papers, then include us in the email recipients list. If you put a notice in the paper about your AGM or other meetings, then let us know too. We will list local birth, marriage and funeral intimations, obituaries and lots of other information

There is no charge for getting anything listed in these pages. This is a community website; created, designed and maintained by the community for the community.

Our contact details are listed on the contact page. Please help us to make this site your site.