Winter Road Safety

At this time of the year there is little doubt that being a road user becomes more hazardous and dangerous. This applies to vehicle drivers, riders, cyclists and pedestrians. We would ask all road users to take heed of the following advice and please drive carefully.

Drivers and Riders

  • Be aware that the state of road surfaces will change from summer conditions i.e. surface water, frost, black ice and snow. All will affect the handling of a vehicle, and in particular braking distances will have to be increased greatly.
  • Ensure that windscreens are completely clear of snow and ice prior to commencing your journey. Visibility is a key to safe driving.
  • KNOW AND ADHERE TO THE NATIONAL SPEED LIMITS , and when necessary, drive at a speed which you deem to be safe for the prevailing conditions.
  • Always wear your seat belt, and never drive too close to the vehicle in front of you. Leave enough space to allow you to slow down or stop safely, if an emergency occurs.
  • Check your tyres have sufficient tread and are correctly inflated;
  • Make sure your lights are working and that they are clean;
  • Check your wipers are working correctly, if they are worn, replace them and make sure your washers work;


  • If possible, make use of cycle ways. If not available, always maintain a position close to the nearside kerb.
  • Always be seen - be safe. Bright colours should be worn during daylight hours, and reflective coats, vests or bands should be worn during the hours of darkness.
  • Cycles should be well maintained, i.e. brakes, tyres, chains etc, and if being used in darkness, should be fitted to front and rear with lights. Flashing lights are now permitted.
  • We would encourage all cyclists to wear correctly fitting cycle helmets.


  •  Always walk on the pavement provided.
  •  If you need to cross the road, use the facility provided - DO NOT JAY WALK or CROSS BETWEEN PARKED VEHICLES.
  • If it is necessary for you to walk out with a built up area, you should always walk towards oncoming traffic. Bright and reflective clothing should again be worn during the hours of daylight and darkness respectively.